D_back 1.69

Backup tool for your PC, FTP or File server. For usual and advanced users
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D_back is a data backup tool designed to automate backing up of your critical files to any type of storage media including Flash drives, DVD or remote FTP servers. The program can help you to protect your data from computer crashes, accidental deletion, virus damages, and ensure you will never lose your important data files and documents. This tool will help you to back up files from any accessible device or network resources mapped with drive letter (UNC is supported). Moreover D_back allows you to backup from remote FTP or WebDAV servers. Your data will be saved to any type of storage media: hard disks, USB flash drives, network drives, CD or DVD. You can back up data from remote FTP, and can transfer archives via e-Mail or upload it to remote FTP. D_back have excellent algorithm of uploading / downloading data from FTP, which operates reliably on unstable network connections. As a rule D_back creates backup in a single compressed file or as a set of files in standard Zip format. PKZip's Zip64 support is implemented, so the program can create zip files larger than 4Gb. Moreover you can switch off compression or you can plug in the program any external file compressor with the command-line interface (WinZip, RAR, ARJ ...etc.). You can always choose the most suitable backup type (full, incremental, differential, stack) for any kind of your data. The program is ideal for automatic unattended backing up. The software distribution kit contains command-line backup utility and backup scheduler which allow you to organize automatic data processing on both personal computers and server systems. The results of all backup activities can be completely checked up at any time. The standard output of scheduled tasks, the history of all startups, errors and warning messages are registered in text log files. In addition exists possibility to notify user by e-mail about backup activities, errors or warnings of each backup job.

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